Cihanjuang Butterfly Park

Taman Kupu-Kupu Cihanjuang is located in Cihanjuang St  58 Cimahi West Java. The Park exactly located on the edge of the street makes this park is very easy to find. This park stands in area of approximately 1.7 hectares. Beside park, others facilities like restaurant, hall, children playground were also available in this place. Bali type gate in this park as will take visitors to the Ubud village situation in Bali.  Various green trees and beautiful flowers make this park more beautiful and give also give green first impression to this park.


We had to pay twenty thousand rupiah as entry ticket. The ticket can be exchanged with butterfly pin as souvenir for visitors. To looking for butterfly, we entered butterfly cage. In the cage, there was artificial beautiful garden as butterfly house. The cage size was approximately 800 m2.

Entering into the garden, there was footpath for the visitors. On the left and right side was planted several of trees, flowers, grasses which made this garden look more beautiful. According to information board in the garden, mostly all butterflies in this garden come from all over Indonesia like Java, Papua, Bali, and many more. The size of butterfly are also various, some big, some medium, and also small size. The color are also various, like yellow, black, blue, and many more.

At the end of the garden, there is a called Saung cocoon (Saung means small place or house). In saung this, we could see the process of cultivating a butterfly from egg, caterpillar, cocoon to become a butterfly. If you are lucky, you can get to see the release of a butterfly from a cocoon.



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