Ruhiyat Wayang Studio

Wayang golek are wooden doll puppets that are operated from below by rods connected to the hands and a central control rod that runs through the body to the head. The simple construction of the puppets belies their versatility, expressiveness and aptitude for imitating human dance. Today, wayang golek is mainly associated with Sundanese culture of West Java.


Located in a house that belongs to Ruhiyat, a famous local artist, visitors can watch how Ruhiyat’s employees make wayang. Ruhiyat’s workshop and gallery were established in 1973. Today they sell wayang golek, masks, as well as other souvenirs and is managed by Ruhiyat’s son, Mr. Tatang Heriyana, after the death of his father in 1998.

Ruhiyat’s shop is well known not only to the domestic tourists but also to foreign visitors, in particular among the Dutch. Even though visitors can watch Ruhiyat’s employees making wayang, there is no guide available to explain the process. Having your own guide might help, especially for foreign tourists.



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